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  • How to maintain ductile iron pipes in winter?
    29 Jun,22

    How to maintain ductile i...

    It should be said that super-strong bearing capacity, various anti-corrosion treatments, water quality assurance, ductile iron pipe is one of the necessary materials for pipeline water supply. The ...
  • What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and machine-made cast iron pipe
    28 Jun,22

    What is the difference be...

    1. Different concepts Machine-made cast iron pipes are flexible interfacial drainage cast iron pipes produced by centrifugal casting, and the interface is generally W-type...
  • What is a pool grille
    24 Jun,22

    What is a pool grille

    There are many people who like to swim. If you're a swimmer, you can't help but pay attention to your swimming gear. Next to the pool is a circle of overflow grids, usuall...
  • How to install the ductile iron pipe?
    23 Jun,22

    How to install the ductil...

    Precautions before installation Before digging in general: First remove obstructions, level the ground, lay logs along the ditch, then lay flexible pipes according to the ...
  • How to deal with the rust of cast iron pipe fittings
    22 Jun,22

    How to deal with the rust...

    The longer you use the ductile cast iron manhole cover, the more problems you will have. Therefore, in order to deal with these problems, you first need to know how to dea...
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