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  • How Hard is Ductile Iron Round Square Manhole Cover?
    02 Aug,22

    How Hard is Ductile Iron ...

    Manhole covers are an indispensable product in our life today, and manhole covers are needed in many places such as residential areas, roads and greening, but many people do not understand it well....
  • Problems in transporting ductile cast iron pipes and their solutions
    19 Jul,22

    Problems in transporting ...

    Bundle truck All pipes must be attached to trucks and rolling stock to prevent and mitigate damage to paint and lining. The pipe can be equipped with a cart, pyramid, or straight side formation. DN...
  • Application of heat treatment of nodular cast iron manhole cover
    05 Jul,22

    Application of heat treat...

    After heat treatment, ductile iron fence caps should be used. Due to casting defects such as pores, cracks, holes and spiral porosity, coarse grains, uneven structure and residual stresses in the c...
  • How to maintain ductile iron pipes in winter?
    29 Jun,22

    How to maintain ductile i...

    It should be said that super-strong bearing capacity, various anti-corrosion treatments, water quality assurance, ductile iron pipe is one of the necessary materials for pipeline water supply. The ...
  • What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and machine-made cast iron pipe
    28 Jun,22

    What is the difference be...

    1. Different concepts Machine-made cast iron pipes are flexible interfacial drainage cast iron pipes produced by centrifugal casting, and the interface is generally W-type...
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