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About Liangxin

Guangxi Liangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Liangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Handanshi Jufeng Foundry Co., Ltd. Investment in the construction of production equipment of more than 12 million yuan. Specializing in the processing and sales of ductile iron manhole covers, water grate, cover plates, mechanical parts, gray iron castings, malleable iron castings; mechanical processing;

Our factory was built in 2013 and set up multiple subsidiaries for domestic sales. Set up international export services in 2019. Established Guangxi Liangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd. for the transformation and upgrading of domestic and international trade development.

From construction to development, in just a few years of operation, a total of 460 companies have been served. Services include many international listed companies.

What we do

Liangxin Building Materials sells most of the steel material products related to building materials and municipal government infrastructure. We cooperate with many countries and municipal governments to connect enterprises.

About team development

The company has a group of professional technicians and mature technicians, more than 30 technical cores, 15 high-quality foreign trade teams, metallographic analysis room, spectrum room, laboratory, mold and machining design room, tension and pressure laboratory, etc. There are more than 10 inspection laboratories, and a dynamic test field for manhole covers has been built. Office research equipment is readily available, which can continuously develop and innovate new technologies and products. After several years of research and development practice, there are 11 patent certificates.


Manhole cover production process

1. Selection of raw materials: Select the appropriate raw materials, we use the improved version of the ductile iron composite metal developed and manufactured by the company, which has good plasticity and toughness.
2. Put it into the boiler for smelting to form molten iron, and control the calcination temperature during the process.
3. Control the calcination temperature to make it into refined iron
4. Carry out spheroidizing treatment and add spheroidizing agent to the molten iron.
5. After the molten iron is formed, pour it into the mold to make it shape.
6. After cooling, demould and trim the finished product.
7. Mechanical polishing to increase the corrosion resistance of the product.
8. Spray epoxy resin paint for anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment.
9. Shipment processing according to customer requirements.

Employee training

Employee training is divided into two categories: employee skill training and employee quality training.
1. Employee skill training: It is the job ability training that the enterprise conducts for employees according to the needs of the post.
2. Employee quality training: It is the requirements of the enterprise for the quality of employees, mainly including psychological quality, personal work attitude, work habits and other quality training.
Training results:
1. Enhance employees' sense of belonging and responsibility to our company.
2. Promote the two-way communication between the enterprise and the employees, the management and the employee layer, enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise, and create an excellent corporate culture.

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About Liangxin Service

We will provide our partners with detailed product data and production standards. And provide customers with interpreter escort for factory inspection and domestic travel.

Personal privacy:
We promise that we will not provide customer information or bidding standards of a certain country or municipality to a third party.

Employee training:
①We will hold a morning meeting every Monday (Beijing time).
②We will check the safety standards of employees' equipment maintenance from time to time according to the production situation.
③Every quarter, new employees will be assessed for their professionalism in operating equipment.