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About Building Materials

Used for the infrastructure construction of municipal projects in other countries. Specializing in the sale of road manhole covers, drainage systems, drainage channels, iron pipes, steel pipes and other construction accessories.

We will conduct in-depth cooperation with countries in "the Belt and Road Initiatives". At the same time, it exports manhole covers, pipelines and construction materials to other ASEAN countries and some European countries. We will produce high-quality products and high-quality services to obtain customer satisfaction. In order to maintain the in-depth cooperative relationship between us.

【Because of signing confidentiality agreements with other countries. Unable to provide the other party’s product specification documents.】

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Equipment introduction

The company adopts domestic advanced horizontal static pressure production line, automatic sand processing line, automatic painting line, machining and other advanced equipment, and specially designs the production process flow for manhole cover castings, so that the company has scientific research and development and product competitiveness in the field of China's foundry industry. , to become an excellent scientific research and development and equipment manufacturing enterprise in China's foundry industry.

The ductile iron manhole cover produced by the company is obtained by spheroidization and inoculation treatment to obtain spheroidal graphite, which effectively improves the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness, so as to achieve higher strength than carbon steel.

The company's profound industry background and rich industry resources, as well as its unique and independent research and development technology innovation system, have become the backbone of China's foundry industry.

In stock

The company has its own source factory, no middlemen to make the difference, and supports customized production. Customized to meet any requirements, factory direct delivery, short customization cycle. Today, the inventory of cast iron manhole covers alone is 5,000 tons, and in 2021, only 10,000 tons of cast iron manhole covers have been sold.For quality problems, we will regularly check the inventory and test the quality to ensure a perfect shopping experience for each customer.

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