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How can I get the lowest price?

We have our own factory, and the price we offer is the lowest price. In addition, the more times and quantity of purchases, the more we will reduce the price accordingly.

Why is there a gap in the price, which is different from the last purchase price?

Because our products are building materials and depend on the prices of raw materials around the world. The price of steel raw materials will be different every day. affected by COVID-19. Steel raw materials are rising in price all over the world. Confirm orders as early as possible and make PI. Can reduce the risk of price hikes.

Do you provide after-sales service?

We provide one-to-one high-quality service. For all customized products, after the customer confirms the sample, we will not provide any after-sales service except for quality problems. Under normal circumstances, the service life of building materials is more than 10 years or even lifetime.

Does your factory support customized service?

Yes, we support OEM, ODM service. Because we have multiple production lines and tools. We support customer customization services and create exclusive products. And our advanced production equipment can more efficiently fulfill customer requirements.

Is it possible to get free samples?

The building materials produced in my factory are bulky and heavy. Normally we do not accept free samples. ABS/PVC/HDPE and other material products can accept free samples or cut pieces to facilitate quality inspection by customers. For the first cooperation, we will charge the sample fee, after the second cooperation, when paying again, we will deduct the sample fee of the first order to make the sample free.

How to solve the damage of goods during transportation?

The quality of our goods is very reliable, and all the goods are wear-resistant products. There is basically no chance that the goods will be damaged in transit. And, in CIF Incoterms, we will buy shipping insurance for our customers free of charge.

Why does the product rust?

All pig iron products will rust. The products we produce are all qualified products. Second-hand raw materials and low-end raw materials will not be used. In order to prevent oxidation, we will spray paint on the surface of the product before leaving the factory to reduce the internal contact with the air, so as to slow down the oxidation reaction. Manhole covers and iron pipes all over the world can be rust. The purchase of EN877 SML cast iron pipe can be epoxy coated on the outside. Protection against oxidation and longer service life.

How to choose a manhole cover? (Product choice)

The choice of the road is the most critical issue
A15: Sidewalks, bicycle lanes (no cars allowed)
B125: Sidewalks, bike lanes, cars (no trucks allowed)
C250: Sidewalks, bike lanes, cars, trucks (no large trucks allowed)
D400: City main road
E600: City main road
F900: Airport, Terminal

How do I choose a drainage pipe? (Product choice)

①The municipal government road drainage can choose HDPE large-diameter double-wall corrugated pipe
②The city government road tap water supply can choose ductile iron pipe
③ Residential drainage can choose cast iron pipes

How to choose the drainage ditch? (Product choice)

①PVC: roof drainage
②HDPE: city road, kitchen, basement, parking lot, garden, toilet
③Resin: city road, basement, parking lot, garden, park