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Flexible Cast Iron Drainage Pipes, House Drainage System Tube, Gray Cast Iron Pipe

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The factory uses hot-film centrifugal casting to produce gray cast iron drainage pipes. The cast iron pipe has high compactness and few defects. The mechanical properties are much higher than the conventional sand casting process.

1. The cast iron pipe is a metal pipe, which is not easy to age. Same life span as buildings.
2. The cast iron pipe has low noise when draining water. It is much less noisy than plastic pipes.
3. The cast iron pipe has good mechanical properties, sturdiness, durability and impact resistance. Can withstand the strong impact of high-rise drainage.
4. Cast iron pipes are fireproof. The cast iron only started to melt at 1400°.
5. Cast iron pipe, the main component is gray cast iron, which is corrosion resistant and rusts slowly.

Main Specifications:
1. Transverse deformation does not penetrate within 35mm. The lateral vibration deflection can reach 31.5mm without penetration.
2. The inside of the pipe is greater than 0.4MPa, the displacement is 35mm, and it is impermeable.
3. Axial vibration displacement: the water pressure in the pipe is greater than 0.4MPa, the frequency is 1.5Hz-2.2Hz, the axial amplitude is 4.5-6.5mm, and it is impermeable.


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