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HDPE Plastic Drainage Ditch New Thickening Upgrade U-shaped Road Drainage Channel

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Our factory provides SMC (reinforced resin drainage channel), resin drainage channel and HDPE drainage channel.

SMC (reinforced resin drainage channel): In actual use, SMC drainage channel has many advantages:

①High-strength SMC linear drainage ditch has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-freezing, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, smooth surface, and zero permeability.
②Unique U-shaped design, its cross-section can effectively increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-cleaning function.
③Linear and continuous water interception, high drainage efficiency, can cope with all kinds of rain and weather.
④ In terms of installation and maintenance, the construction trench depth is shallow; slope finding is simple and easy to construct. The installation and construction speed is fast, can ensure the construction period, effectively reduce the amount of buried pipeline construction, and reduce the difficulty of construction.
⑤Long service life, low maintenance cost, and economic benefit much higher than other materials.

Resin drainage channel:

①Polyester resin concrete is resistant to high temperature and freezing, and can withstand sunlight. Freezing and thawing have no effect on the material structure.
②It has good climate adaptability, and there will be no embrittlement or damage even in extremely harsh environments.
③The surface roughness value of the finished drainage ditch is small, and the smooth surface can quickly drain water and debris, making cleaning and maintenance easier. It can be used for a long time under complex composition conditions.
④ Even if the garbage enters, it will be drained away with the rain, so it is not easy to cause garbage blockage.

HDPE drainage channel:

HDPE linear drainage ditch system has high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, convenient installation, high cost performance, environmental protection and recyclability, and is very popular in the European, American, and Australian markets. It is widely used in urban streets, residential squares, parking lots, parks, ports and airports, green landscapes, building platforms and other fields.
①HDPE linear finished drainage ditch has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of corrosive substances such as acid rain, snow melting salt, oily dirt, etc.;
②The water absorption is 0, which is not affected by thermal expansion and contraction, has strong impact resistance, and is not easy to crack and leak;
③Using the socket connection method, the installation speed is fast, the construction period is greatly shortened, and the labor cost is saved;
④Using special connectors to reinforce the ditch body and cover plate, the whole system is more stable and safer;
⑤The inner wall is smooth, does not stick to debris, and the drainage capacity is 3 times that of the traditional brick ditch, saving input costs;
⑥The theoretical life of itself is 50 years, and the service life is at least 20 years; HDPE is a completely recyclable material, which is made into a finished drainage ditch through a special structure design, which can withstand a load of 15-900 kN and can be used around the building Squares, green areas, outdoor landscape spaces, parking lots, roads, ports and docks, airport aprons, etc., collect, transport, and discharge surface rainwater on a large number of hard ground areas.


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