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  • How to maintain ductile iron pipes in winter?

    How to maintain ductile iron pipes in winter?

    It should be said that super-strong bearing capacity, various anti-corrosion treatments, water quality assurance, ductile iron pipe is one of the necessary materials for pipeline water supply. The cold winter is coming soon. We all know that winter temperatures in North Korea are relatively cold ...
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  • What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and machine-made cast iron pipe

    What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and machine-made cast iron pipe

    1. Different concepts Machine-made cast iron pipes are flexible interfacial drainage cast iron pipes produced by centrifugal casting, and the interface is generally W-type clamp type or A-type flange socket type. The ductile iron tube is a tube cast by high-speed centrif...
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  • What is a pool grille

    What is a pool grille

    There are many people who like to swim. If you're a swimmer, you can't help but pay attention to your swimming gear. Next to the pool is a circle of overflow grids, usually made of ABS and PP. Grids are placed in the ditch around the pool. This is a very important part t...
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  • How to install the ductile iron pipe?

    How to install the ductile iron pipe?

    Precautions before installation Before digging in general: First remove obstructions, level the ground, lay logs along the ditch, then lay flexible pipes according to the plan, pointing all sewer sockets to the water inlets and wedged. For stony soil layers, attention sh...
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  • How to deal with the rust of cast iron pipe fittings

    How to deal with the rust of cast iron pipe fittings

    The longer you use the ductile cast iron manhole cover, the more problems you will have. Therefore, in order to deal with these problems, you first need to know how to deal with them and how to treat them. I will discuss you with them today. Let's talk about potential pr...
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  • What is ductile iron manhole cover

    What is ductile iron manhole cover

    Ductile cast iron manhole cover is a kind of ductile iron product. Ductile iron is obtained through spheroidization and inoculation treatment, which effectively improves the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially plasticity and toughness, achieving higher strengt...
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  • Countermeasures for nodular cast iron pipes after corrosion

    The use of ductile iron pipes can have a certain effect if they are used in a short distance, but in some places, it is not good to use it for some special reasons, such as in some poison-contaminated areas because of the raw materials of seamless steel pipes, if Long-term use, ductile iron pipes...
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  • How to prevent leakage of ductile iron pipe

    1. Poor foundation conditions of the pipeline will cause uneven subsidence of the pipeline and the foundation, usually forming part of the water, and in severe cases, the pipeline will crack or the interface will crack. Ductile iron pipes are divided into flexible interfaces, flange interfaces, s...
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  • Ductile iron well pipe for drinking water well

    The wellpoint pipes are arranged at regular intervals around the foundation pit. The bottom of the wellpoint pipe is arranged with a water filter pipe inserted into the permeable layer, and the upper hose is connected to the water collecting main pipe. The Φ40 suction pipe mouth, and then the wat...
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  • New anti-corrosion knowledge of ductile iron pipes

    For ductile iron pipes, its anti-corrosion performance is relatively high, and it is precisely because of its excellent anti-corrosion performance that more and more people begin to use ductile iron pipes. Why do ductile iron pipes need anti-corrosion? How to do it well? ?Generally speaking, the ...
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  • DN500 water ductile iron pipe installation new technology

    Because the new flexible interface mechanism ductile iron pipe drainage pipe has a short history of development in my country, compared with other drainage pipes, people know less about it. The application in the project, make some brief introduction. 1. Introduction to the new type of flexible i...
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  • Guide for trench excavation of ductile iron pipes

    General principles of pipe trenches When excavating pipe trenches, the convenience of backfilling and borrowing should be considered, and the original soil and sand should be fully utilized. Check out the cables, other pipes and structures buried in the trenches under construction to avoid their ...
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