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How to maintain ductile iron pipes in winter?

It should be said that super-strong bearing capacity, various anti-corrosion treatments, water quality assurance, ductile iron pipe is one of the necessary materials for pipeline water supply. The cold winter is coming soon. We all know that winter temperatures in North Korea are relatively cold and can reach tens of degrees below zero in some places. Wrought iron water pipes undergo a great test, how do you protect them? ? Ductile iron pipe maker Guangxi Liangxin, a building materials manufacturer, will speak briefly next.

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First of all, non-slip construction methods such as on-site transport routes, workshops, work routes and climbing equipment should be adopted in the construction process, and snow and ice should be cleaned in good time after the snowfall. Frost.

Second, after the operation, it should be tightly covered and timely compressed according to the temperature to prevent freezing.

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To ensure that the nozzles have good lubricating conditions, the pipe connections must be designed at a positive temperature. After installing the ductile iron pipe, cover the nozzle leveling feet and both ends of the pipe with insulation in time to prevent the sand bottom from freezing. Construction workers must use effective anti-slip methods when working with equipment on pipes.

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Post time: Jun-29-2022