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Problems in transporting ductile cast iron pipes and their solutions

Bundle truck

All pipes must be attached to trucks and rolling stock to prevent and mitigate damage to paint and lining. The pipe can be equipped with a cart, pyramid, or straight side formation. DN250 pipes are available in bundles of 100 or as a single pipe at your option. DN 300 DN1200 Ductile cast iron pipes are shipped as a single pipe. Conveyor tubes serve as the preferred method for minimizing tube contact and facilitating tube handling and transportation. Pyramid-shaped loads can be applied to the inversion of sockets created between the pipes of successive layers of the previous layer. Straightedge loads should only be used if the vehicle has dedicated supports on both sides of the platform. In this case, use a separate layer to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the two rows of tubes.

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Loading and unloading of forklifts

Pipe heavy objects, being careful not to compromise the quality of the steel pipe during handling. When moving the pipe in and out with a forklift, be careful not to damage the pipe or outer protection with the fork tine. It is the sling that uses the circulating load that lifts the strap, not the strap. Whenever you use a crane to move individual pipes, slings, or beams, you should always use dedicated padded hooks. Under no circumstances should wire ropes, chains, metal hooks on pads, and hooks come into direct contact with the pipe. The small DN400 can be fitted with a wide cloth sling.

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Diagonal roll

If a crane is not available, move your luggage down a slope that extends from the side of the vehicle to the ground where the timber slides. Appropriate tethers should be used to prevent the pipe from rolling down rapidly and hitting the pipe or objects on the ground. Important-Do not drop the pipe on the floor.

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Bundle management

After the stock material arrives at the site, the internal or external paint and piping connections should be inspected for damage and, if possible, the finish under construction should be repaired. The bundled cane features a wooden base that can be placed directly on a flat, hard surface. Bundles can be stacked on other tubes parallel to the axis.

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