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What is a pool grille

There are many people who like to swim. If you're a swimmer, you can't help but pay attention to your swimming gear. Next to the pool is a circle of overflow grids, usually made of ABS and PP. Grids are placed in the ditch around the pool. This is a very important part that will be an important factor in using the entire pool. Let's take a look at what that function is, then. I think you will like it too.

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What is a pool grille2

Features of full overflow grate

1. Anti-skid to prevent people from sliding or falling in the pool.

2. The overflow tank recycles the overflowing pool water.

3. It is used for circulation filtration and works to purify water.

4. Seperate rainwater and pool water to prevent rainwater from flowing into the pool and damaging the pool water, and prevent outside leaves and garbage from falling into the tank.

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Properties of Pool Overflow Grids

1. Anti-skid, the surface of the swimming pool grid is covered with diamond-shaped ribs, which has a very good anti-skid effect. The edges of the ribs are smooth and easy to clean.

2. Corrosion resistance, toughness and anti-aging, this product is resistant to corrosion and rust under the influence of chemical media with reliable quality and long service life. It also has the characteristics of stable screen size and good surface gloss.

3. It does not require regular or irregular inspection and maintenance, and unlike wood and other rotting and moldy materials, it is an upgrade of existing iron, wood, cement and other materials.

4. Low density, compared to steel grating, the density of the grating cover is only 1/4 that of steel, 2/3 of that of aluminum, the strength is 10 times that of hard PVC, and the absolute strength has reached the level of aluminum., ordinary steel. The light weight can greatly reduce the foundation support and reduce the material cost of the project. It is easy to cut and install, requires no hot work and heavy lifting equipment, and requires only a small amount of labor and power tools, which greatly reduces installation costs.

5. Flame retardant, ordinary grill cover has an oxygen index (tested according to GB 8924) of 32 or higher and flame spread rate (tested according to ASTM E-84) is flame retardant level 1. The ratio of flame retardant diffusion vinyl grill of high flame retardant is less than 10.

The overflow grill is also resilient. A walker not only prevents slipping, but also withstands kicks.

Swimming pool overflow grills mainly have the above-mentioned functional characteristics and therefore require very high quality. Whether it's an ABS grating or a PP grating, it's made of high-quality, high-strength plastic and has anti-skid as well as overflow and bearing weight.

There are T-shaped, I-shaped and S-shaped grates, various grates are available for different overflow grooves. The grid can be spliced ​​into sections, the interface has one interface, two interfaces and three interfaces are optional. bonding in use. It's more convenient to regroup when you don't need it or need to use it.

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Post time: Jun-24-2022