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What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and machine-made cast iron pipe

1. Different concepts

Machine-made cast iron pipes are flexible interfacial drainage cast iron pipes produced by centrifugal casting, and the interface is generally W-type clamp type or A-type flange socket type.

The ductile iron tube is a tube cast by high-speed centrifugal casting with a centrifugal ductile iron machine after casting molten iron of No. 18 or higher and adding a spheroidizing agent. It is mainly used for transporting tap water and is an ideal material for tap water pipelines.


2. Other performance

Ductile steel pipe is a type of cast iron, which is an alloy of iron, carbon, and silicon. The graphite of ductile iron exists in a spherical shape, and the size of graphite is generally 6 to 7 grades. For quality, the spheroidization grade of cast iron pipes is adjusted to 1 to 3 grades and the material itself is mechanical. Improved physical properties. It combines the essence of iron with the performance of steel. The metallographic structure of annealed ductile steel pipes has excellent mechanical properties with ferrite and a small amount of pearlite.


The life of machine-made cast iron pipes exceeds the expected life of buildings, has excellent seismic performance, can be applied to seismic reinforcement of high-rise buildings, adopts flange glands and rubber rings or lined rubber rings, and is flexiblely connected. For stainless steel clamp, excellent sealing performance, swing within 15 degrees without leaks.

Using mold centrifugal casting, cast iron pipes have no uniform wall thickness, dense structure, smooth surface, blister, slag inclusions and other casting defects. The rubber interface suppresses noise and cannot replace the quietest pipe, creating the most comfortable living environment.

3. Various uses

Cast iron pipes are suitable for building drainage, sewage, civil engineering, road drainage, industrial drainage and agricultural irrigation pipes. Please use in areas with a seismic intensity of 9 degrees or less.

Ductile iron pipes are mainly called centrifugal ductile iron pipes, which have the essence of iron, steel performance, excellent corrosion prevention performance, excellent ductility, excellent sealing effect and easy installation, mainly water supply, gas transmission and municipal. It is the first choice of cost-effective water supply pipes such as transportation oil for industrial and mining companies.

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Post time: Jun-28-2022