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Why are ductile iron manhole covers so popular?

In the modern ductile iron manhole cover making principle, we can forge ductile iron through cast steel and forged steel, which is now widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. In fact, ductile iron is processed by spheroidization to obtain graphite with the same shape as spheroids, which effectively improves the performance of graphite cast iron, mainly improving plasticity and toughness, and obtaining higher quality than carbon steel. However, in order to reduce costs, cast steel and forged steel are generally used to forge ductile iron manhole covers.

Ductile iron is a brittle material. First of all, cast iron means that the carbon content is greater than 2.1% (the carbon content of ductile iron is 3.50 – 3.90%, and the metallographic structure is: ferrite + pearlite), high carbon content, and its hardness Second, the spheroidizing treatment of the nodular ink means that the size of the metal particles becomes smaller, which will also improve the strength and hardness of the material. Therefore, in general, the hardness of ductile iron is very large (certainly higher than ordinary steel).

First of all, heavy vehicles are generally used in road traffic, so ductile iron manhole covers are generally used, with a bearing capacity of about 40 tons; some composite manhole covers can also achieve a bearing capacity of about 25 tons, and the price is relatively cheaper than ductile iron. some. But ductile iron manhole covers are relatively safe.

Secondly, ductile iron manhole covers are easier to be targeted by thieves than composite manhole covers. However, ductile iron manhole covers not only have good bearing capacity, but also focus on the design of every detail of ductile iron manhole covers, especially in the design of anti-theft performance. Really pushed the thief to the point where there is no way to start, and there is nothing to steal. Some people worry that the cast iron manhole cover will make a lot of noise when the car drives over. This worry is a bit redundant, because this problem has been taken into account in the design. Each ductile iron manhole cover has been muffled before leaving the factory. It completely isolates the noise pollution problem of ductile iron manhole covers.

Furthermore, the bearing capacity of composite manhole covers is much smaller than that of ductile iron manhole covers. If it is a place such as green belts, sidewalks, etc. that need to bear less pressure, the cost of using composite manhole covers is much less than that of ductile iron manhole covers.

Post time: May-12-2022